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Charlotte and I handmade our outfits for the French Cafe Garden Party in Le Manoir de l’Île aux Loups. It was a magical day and was amazing to wear nearly 3 months of hard work and feel like princes!

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Hats by Peacockalorum
Blouses by The Floral Notebook & Innocent World

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Photo taken at Närcon with princess Melva★ *・゜゚
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I miss you.
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*goes up to heterosexual couple* so which one is Sasuke and which one is naruto

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Things to do with your date:

  • Watch Naruto 
  • Do the Naruto run at a beach
  • Practice walking on water
  • Eat 3 bowls of Ramen 

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At least Sadie loves me

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New Metamorphose Reservation Series:

Secret Library