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My lovely friends and I did a thing.

Check out these “burgeoning adolescents!” Heroes.

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My coordinate today was kind of a subtle guro lolita look.  I didn’t want to splatter fake blood on my dress, but I worked with that color scheme and added the skeleton hand accessories as a spooky touch.

OP, Choker: Alice and the Pirate

Shoes, Socks: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright

Necklace, Clips: Kreepsville 666


Im still working on it… #tarotbox #personal #crystals #ouija


tagging pics of female idols


tagging pics of male idols





SO guess what pairing has been popping up on my tumblr recently… lily of the valley. I am not even complaining though cause look at them they are like supa kawaii together. Liling is like a lil princess. hehehehe ok. Liling + Valencia belong to passerineart and nich0lael

ALEXIA WHAT HAVE YOU DONE I SEEM TO HAVE FALLEN AND I CANT GET UP OHH NOO ; ____ ; you know how much I love your style because your lineart and colours and faces and bodies and everything you draw is just SO GORGEOUS AHH my god I LOVE THIS SO MUCH * \ * they both look so good and aww lookit liling with her itty bitty crown that’s the cutest thing ever…. AND VALENCIA IS ONE HOT MANA OH GOd /faints PRAISE THE LORD AND THANK YOU SO MUCH FRIEND ; A ;

AAHH LOOK AT THIS <3 ; //// ;


A couple more shots of kawaiikisses88 and I twinning at Otakuthon.


School Girl




breaking news: white cis boy drinks a can of monster energy drink, more at 11

breaking news: tumblr feminists continue to make jokes about cis white guys which in turn make them look exactly like the idea of man hating feminists that I thought we were trying to break away from

breaking news: I am a cis white boy and I was talking about myself, sit down child.

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Final transformation! Frog Princess